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4 Tips to Giving a Great Speech

When it concerns oratory skills, even if you don’t have a speech disability, you may find it challenging to speak in front of a group of people. Whether it’s stage fright or the occasional stuttering, you’ll need to refresh some skills to become convincing and confident at the podium if you're giving a presentation at work.

There are 4 crucial elements we must keep in mind to become an effective speaker:

  1. Dress accordingly

    In front of an audience, you automatically put yourself and your image on display. Indeed, all eyes will be on you. Ensure that you have covered off the finer points—hair brushed, shoes cleaned, clothes ironed, nails cleaned and clipped.

  2. Understand the topic

    Know the subject material backward and forward. This is so simple — your audience wants to make sure that you are an expert in a particular field.

  3. Don't complicate things

    We’ve all heard speakers drone on and completely miss their point. Your message should be concise and easy to summarise in one sentence. Concentrate on several main points and ensure they are related to your thesis.

  4. Address all aspects

    This means preparing yourself and your speech for potential holes before presenting it. Know your audience and prepare your presentation based on that knowledge. If your responses are ready, you will be able to quickly and efficiently dismiss critiques.

Final words

Use all of these elements to look confident and sound very convincing. In addition, one other critical factor in being an effective speaker is the most simple to attain: Don’t forget to smile!