The Manager Listens Too Analytically to Staff


Managers listen carefully to their staff. They hear what the employees say, feel which emotions are at play, where they come from, and can accept what they hear. However, suppose the interaction is examined in concrete terms. In that case, it appears that employees find that their managers often 'listen too analytically' and have a questioning way of listening that hinders actual contact experience. This is apparent from research among 40 managers and 175 team members in collaboration with Nive (Dutch Association of Managers).


Initially, the employees feel heard, but looking back, they experience the contact more as 'examined.' This is reflected in the fact that the manager listens more understanding and thereby understands less how the employee is feeling. A story from the private sphere is more appealing, and people are more open to emotions than when it concerns work-related situations.

Listening should no longer be placed in the 'soft skills' category. The manager must be open to what is happening and attach possible consequences to it. A minority of managers take a more integrative approach and bring what they hear into dialogue



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