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Lack of Appreciation Can Lead to Burnout


Preventing burnout is good for the employee but also the benefit of the company. It helps if you have some insight into this problem and recognise the symptoms. Spanish researchers have investigated the syndrome. They distinguish three causes of burnout.


  1. Too much work pressure
    A burnout that is too high is often related to an increased number of working hours. People who work more than 40 hours a week have a six times higher risk of getting burned than someone who works 35 hours. Usually, these are ambitious people who take on a high workload.

  2. Lack of challenge
    The second kind of burnout results from too little challenge in the job. Doing the same thing yearly and not having any prospects for personal development or career growth is the basis here. Most common in administrative staff.

  3. Lack of appreciation
    And then there's the burnout that happens to employees tired of always going out of their way without getting a glimpse of recognition. After a while, they have lost all their energy and cannot recharge.



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