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The Chameleon's Secret


It's amazing how many parallels we can draw between animal and human behaviour. Much research has been done on behaviour from the theory of evolution. But there are also similarities in the use of appearance and colour. How do the animals use colour and appearance, and how can we use this knowledge as humans?


Stand out and camouflage

In nature, it is all about being seen or not being seen. The frigatebird in the Galapagos Islands inflates a giant red balloon under its beak to get the ladies' attention. The females choose the males with the reddest balloon.

The scorpionfish has the same colour as the coral and is invisible, which is useful when hunting. And the chameleon, we all know it, adapts to its environment.


Attract attention with colour

You see precisely the same thing in humans. If we don't want to stand out in a group, we opt for a colourless outfit. Usually, this happens unconsciously.

In my practice, I often see that introverted people wear inconspicuous colours, such as grey or beige. The extroverted people dare to wear striking colours, because they know, often unconsciously, that they are thereby focusing on themselves.
Just like the frigatebird, the colour red plays an important role in humans. If you put on a red dress like a lady, attention is guaranteed. For the men, this is, for example, a red tie or a red shirt.


Influence the outside world with clothes and colour

The advantage of humans compared to animals is that we determine our appearance with the clothing and the colours we wear. We influence the people around us with clothing and shade, and these unconsciously form an opinion about you based on your appearance.


Turn into a chameleon

We, as humans, can behave like a chameleon. My advice, take advantage of this!

When you get dressed in the morning, think about your schedule for the day. Do you want to operate conspicuously or inconspicuously that day? What is the clothing style of the company or people you may have to visit? What do you want to achieve, do you want to collaborate or create more distance?

Be more aware of the influence of your clothes and adjust your clothes. One day a formal style is appropriate; the next, you achieve more in a casual style. One day in black and white to appear strict, the next in softer colours to promote collaboration.

Turn into a chameleon and create your own success.



About the author
Based in Odesa, Ukraine, Anastasiia Shtankova is a trilingual (English, Russian, Ukrainian) graduate of the Sukhomlinsky Mykolayiv National University. For as long as she can remember, Nastya has had a passion for writing. As the content manager for Finance4Learning, she manages to combine business with the pleasure of writing. She is responsible for generating, curating and marketing content relevant to the company’s target audiences.


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