Improve employment outcomes by letting career advisors aid & motivate students

“It’s the economy, stupid!” is a phrase coined by former president Bill CLINTON. It implied more or less that at the end of the day, people vote for those who can financially safeguard them. The same can be said about education. Many educators focus on the learning itself, which is good, but might not always be good enough. Most students sign up because the course is a means to an end. Upon completion they hope and expect to land their dream job. 

Career advisors at educators, governments and outplacement agencies sometimes work for months on end with people to help them get a job. If the career advisor deals with a significant number of people, the workload may become too much. How can you best support, motivate and track students? How can you provide insightful, timely and comprehensive reporting? There is no need to jump across tools for job support. Everything you need is consolidated in one place so you can focus on high impact interactions with students.

Finance4Learning | Outcomes Management | Job Search & Job Prep

Job Search Activity

Know where students stand - whether that is updating their resume, preparing for an upcoming interview or negotiating job offers.


Outcomes Reporting

Stop sending out surveys to manually capture placement data. Track results in real-time across cohorts, classes and campuses.


Resume Bank

Access the latest version of resumes, LinkedIn profiles and other job application materials in one hub.


Reviews Management

Give students the best tools available to help them better organise and manage their job-search. Delegate responsibility and hold students accountable. Keep students moving forward and help them get better jobs faster.


Finance4Learning | Job Search Board for Students


Give students the tools they need to efficiently manage their job search and coach them on how to optimise their search process. 

Career services professionals often feel obligated to find jobs for students to apply to. Many career services professionals have their KPIs tied to finding job opportunities with local employers. However, our data show that students find the majority of jobs (ie. >80%) they apply for online via LinkedIn, Indeed and other job boards. 

Career Services can now have visibility of 100% of the jobs students are saving from around the web (typically a 4X increase!). Career Advisors can now use that super power to crowdsource job opportunities and have the tools to efficiently help students to identify and find their dream jobs.



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