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What Makes Us Different

Finance4Learning is focused on the learning & development market. Availing of our oftentimes proprietary technology and exclusive partnerships, we work with hundreds of clients to help them:

  • Enlarge Markets
  • Enhance Student Outcomes
  • Generate (SQL) Leads
  • Increase Affordability
  • Increase Sales
  • Lower Costs
  • Raise Finance
  • Restructure & Develop
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L&D Experience

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Supported p.a.

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Billion Euro
Partner Assets

Partners & Associates


Banco Santander

Finance4Learning is proud to have been chosen by the no. 4 bank in the world, Banco Santander, as an exclusive territorial partner for the learning and development market. With more than €1,500 billion total assets, Santander is about as big as ING, Danske Bank, KBC and Bank of Ireland combined. Headquartered in Spain, some 200,000 employees help achieve the bank's mission: Helping people and businesses prosper.



According to leading education intelligence firm HolonIQ, Quotanda is one of the 100 most innovative and promising EdTech companies. Its range of products and services perfectly complements Finance4Learning’s offering to training institutes, colleges and universities. Quotanda is an award-winning EdTech company focused on extending access to educational opportunities. Since 2014, it has been working with clients in the Americas as well as Europe. Clients include schools, universities, financial institutions, foundations and governments.


European Investment Fund

In conjunction with Banco Santander, a €50 million fund has been made by the European Investment Fund ('EIF') for selected Learning & Development markets. For the Netherlands, Finance4Learning has exclusive access to this €50 million fund. Key partners of EIF are the European Commission and the European Investment Bank. EIF delivers financial support across a number of thematic areas including: climate, digitalisation, innovation and skills. Thanks to EIF, we can offer longer term loans at attractive rates.


Crystal Clear Economics

It’s easy to make economics look difficult. It’s far more difficult to make it easy to understand. Crystal Clear Economics manages the latter. Especially as the learning & development sector is a cyclical one, being up to date with the latest economic developments is important. Complicated economic developments are discussed in an accessible manner by Han DE JONG, the former Chief Economist of ABN AMRO Bank and resident economist at BNR Business News Radio. At Finance4Learning we have found that Han’s profound insights and optimistic though realistic viewpoints are much appreciated by our target audiences.



None of us wants to go there, but sometimes restructuring is just absolutely unavoidable. As restructuring is a highly specialised domain, Finance4Learning works with one of the largest independent restructuring consultants in the Benelux. Each year, hundreds of mid-market organisations are supported in sometimes extremely difficult circumstances. Partners we choose to work with on restructuring projects, typically come highly recommended by e.g. lawyers, M&A firms, special credit departments of banks and former clients. No nonsense, practical and lots of integrity.

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CareerScore's state-of-the-art outcomes management platform focuses on helping career advisors at educators, governments & outplacement agencies measure and improve their placement rates. By providing people support throughout their journey all the way to job placement, CareerScore positions people for success by improving job marketability and bridging the student's needs and the organisation's goals.

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Unicorn Chargebee was valued at a massive $3.4bn in 2022 due to its massive growth and bright outlook. In conjunction with Chargebee, Finance4Learning has the ability to offer educators a unique and broad range of payment options: bank loans, income share agreements, phased payment plans, scholarships and subscription management. The flow we designed offers educators around the world the opportunity to focus on two core competencies: a) designing & delivering great courses and b) marketing & sales.

Our Locations

Many of our clients are based in the Benelux, the Nordics and/or Ireland. And so are we.

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Finance4Learning is proud to be a partner of the venerated 160 year old Banco Santander