Maximise enrollment by offering financial options tailored to your student’s needs

It’s a fact that many students need some form of finance to afford the cost of a training programme. Clients typically report that between 40% and 60% of all students would like to avail of financial options. If those options are not available, then students with potential who cannot access finance are left behind. Ideally, affordability should never be an issue when it comes to choosing the ‘right’ education.

Finance4Learning | Crossroads of Marketing and Finance

Finance4Learning offers students at training institutes, colleges and universities access to bank lending and other forms of finance. These other forms of finance are typically complex - and non-core -  administrative processes. Many schools have had limited or a negative experience with payment plans. Our Software-as-a-Service solutions enables you to outsource the origination and management of student financing options you choose to offer, thus helping increase enrollment. 

Our Lending-as-a-Service solutions are provided in such a manner that educators are not 'just' provided with access to finance, but also with rock-solid sales qualified leads. Finance4Learning therefore very much operates on the crossroads of marketing & finance.


Bank Lending

In an exclusive cooperation with Banco Santander, the no. 4 bank in the world, Finance4Learning offers student loans. The institute gets paid up-front and the student repays the loan in maximum 36 monthly installments.


Income Share Agreements 

Incomes Share Agreements (ISAs) are becoming increasingly popular and understandably so. Managing ISAs is challenging and is best outsourced. Finance4Learning offers a turnkey solution.


Payment Plans

Outsource origination and management of your deferred payment plan origination and management to Finance4Learning. We help design, launch and professionally manage state-of-the-art, custom student financing programmes.



Manage automated scholarship applications and reporting, potentially in addition to loan programmes. Or offer one application for combined scholarship and other students financing options.


Lending-as-a-Service: Managing 100% of the life of the payment plant contract

  • Application Process
  • Default Management
  • Grace Periods
  • Monthly Statements
  • Negotiation with Students
  • Payment Reminders

Finance4Learning | Lending-as-a-Service | Reporting on All Aspects

Consumer finance regulations vary greatly between jurisdictions. Please contact us so we may discuss which of the above Software-as-a-Service solutions are available in your jurisdiction. 



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