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How to Make Your Team Feel Important

Creating a team with the right people whose personalities, work ethics, attitudes, and respect levels will mesh can be hard enough. Making your team feel important, individually and as a whole, is essential and can be just as tricky.

Here are a few things you can do to keep your team willing to work and feel important

In any workplace, there is typically one employee who is not willing to work with others. Therefore, increasing the “fun” factor is crucial to an appropriate level. Have meetings outside the office conference room with a more inviting and stress-free atmosphere. Allow your team to attend seminars, retreats, and team-building activities to make working as a team more than just plugging away at that month's project.

Promoting team bonding in any way possible will help your rebel team member feel more at ease and be more willing to work as a team if work is just a little more fun. Remember that how much flexibility you give your team needs to be done within reason. If you allow your team to  “relax,” they will lose respect for you as their superior.

You need to motivate your team for success. Each team member needs to know their role individually and have a reason to work. They need to have some incentive for completing tasks you may assign them. Give each member responsibilities and goals that they can strive for and have something for them as a reward. Anything positive will incentivize your team, whether a promotion, a day off, or a work party upon completion.

Motivating also extends beyond just what you can give your team physically. Be a good listener and address each team member by their name; it is the easiest way to make them feel important.

You can also make your team feel important by actively trying to keep work morale up and keep the work environment positive. Be willing and open to opinions, comments, and concerns that your team may feel necessary to share with you. Be consistent with your decisions and let your employees know their reasoning.

Final Words

Bearing these tips in mind and keeping yourself laid-back will create a stress-free work environment, allowing your employees to be productive and creative as possible.