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Do Your Listeners Find Your Arguments as Convincing as You Do?


Professionals are engaged in persuasion daily: during meetings, negotiations or presentations. They use arguments for that. Nevertheless, people often think they have good arguments but cannot convince their audience. Where exactly is it going wrong?

People often think they have solid and convincing points, which are immediately brushed aside by colleagues during a meeting, for example.


Measuring instrument

A person often finds his argument convincing but cannot determine whether his listeners think so because he has no means to measure the persuasiveness. By testing your argumentation with critical questions, you can choose to what extent your arguments can withstand criticism. By doing so, you test persuasiveness. If you can answer all questions satisfactorily, you know that your argumentation is convincing.



About the author
Based in Odesa, Ukraine, Anastasiia Shtankova is a trilingual (English, Russian, Ukrainian) graduate of the Sukhomlinsky Mykolayiv National University. For as long as she can remember, Nastya has had a passion for writing. As the content manager for Finance4Learning, she manages to combine business with the pleasure of writing. She is responsible for generating, curating and marketing content relevant to the company’s target audiences.


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