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Student Success Story

Former Miss Holland Nancy Heynis decided to make a career switch and turned fully towards digital marketing. After completing the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, she found a new job in no time!


Back in the '80s, Nancy worked for over ten years as an international model. After her heyday as a model, she worked for different companies in the fashion industry and is a mother of two kids. Nancy has worked for 6 years for a software fashion automating company as a project manager and PR marketeer. Here she had her first job-related experience with digital marketing, such as SEO and social media. In 2016, she completed the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. After half a year, she found a new job in the fashion industry as a Sales and (online) Marketing Manager. Her business is a software company that automates fashion and footwear wholesalers.


Nancy's Targets

Nancy's target for following the course was to develop her knowledge of SEO and Analytics to keep working in the digital marketing area. She was already familiar with email marketing and online advertising banners (Display Marketing), but PPC was entirely new for her. So, like many people who know how to use a computer, Nancy knew some basics of digital marketing. But as you might know, there is always more to learn. In the PDDM, Nancy learned more about SEO and Analytics and developed her knowledge of these targeted subjects.



Benefits in the Working Environment

Nancy is now working in a B2B environment, where she will set up a new website in a few months. The site wasn't updated for years and wasn't attractive anymore. With her new knowledge of SEO, search engines, and keywords, she set up a new website with relevant keywords and the right content. In short: she made some essential steps in the digital world for this company.

Final words

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