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Techmongers partners with Finance4Learning to help you realize your ambitions. The course could be paid in a maximum of 72 months (six years), thus making it possible for you to make that career-changing / enhancing decision right now.

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Finance4Learning is the exclusive intermediary of Santander Consumer Finance Benelux (“Santander”) for the learning & development market in the Netherlands. With assets in excess of €1,500 billion, Santander is no. 4 bank in the world. Its 191,000 employees work in offices all over the Americas and in Europe. In the Benelux, Santander is one of the largest providers of consumer credit.

For lending related to learning & development in inter alia the Netherlands, Santander is backed by the European Investment Fund. A fund of €50 million has been made available and Finance4Learning has exclusive 'access' to the fund for the Netherlands.

F4L-NL bv (t/a "Finance4Learning") is registered with the Dutch Authority Financial Markets ("AFM"). Finance4Learning is acting under the auspices of Santander and intermediates in (consumer) credit which will be extended by Santander to the customer. Consequently, Finance4Learning solely acts as an intermediary. Credit is extended by and under the terms & conditions of Santander.