Invest in Your Future


Above a compulsory warning in the Netherlands. Literally translated : "Attention! It costs money to borrow money"

Finance4Learning & Le Wagon

Private individuals quite often ask Le Wagon whether it is possible to pay for training programmes in monthly installments. To facenable this, Le Wagon cooperates with Finance4Learning. The financial service is aimed at consumers - advantages include:

  • Cashflow - No downpayment necessary. Transparent and manageable monthly payments
  • Flexible - Choose the number of installments best suited to your needs. You may always repay early without any penalty whatsoever 
  • Investment - A good training programme is a great long term investment in yourself and may now be matched with long term finance  
  • Worldwide no. 4  - Finance4Learning works with Banco Santander, the 4th largest bank in the world

How much could I borrow?

When it comes to borrowing, two questions are of vital importance:

  • What is the maximum amount I could borrow? 
  • How much will I have to pay per month? 
Would you like to have the answer to those questions for your specific situation? Then kindly complete the form below.



About Finance4Learning

F4L-NL bv (t/a "Finance4Learning") is the exclusive intermediary of Santander Consumer Finance Benelux bv (“Santander”) for the learning & development market. Finance4Learning is registered with the Dutch Authority Financial Markets ("AFM"). Finance4Learning is acting under the auspices of Santander and intermediates in (consumer) credit which will be extended by Santander to the customer. Consequently, Finance4Learning solely acts as an intermediary. Credit is extended by and under the terms & conditions of Santander.