Above a compulsory warning in the Netherlands. Literally translated : "Attention! It costs money to borrow money"

Finance4Learning & GrowthTribe

GrowthTribe partners with Finance4Learning to help you realise your ambitions. The course could be paid in maximum 72 months (six years), thus making it possible for you to make that career changing / enhancing decision right now.

Finance4Learning is backed by Banco Santander, the no.4 bank in the world and is further supported by the European Central Bank through its European Investment Fund. Initially, up to €50 million has been made available for the learning & development market.


When it comes to borrowing, two questions are of vital importance:

  1. What is the maximum amount I could borrow?
  2. How much will I have to pay per month?

    Loan Amount Monthly Payment
    Average Monthly Interest
    Simple Interest Rate
    €1,000 €17 €3 3.1%
    €2,000 €33 €5 3.1%
    €3,000 €49 €8 3.1%
    €4,000 €66 €10 3.1%
    €5,000 €82 €13 3.1%


    Maximum loan amount is €12,500 and minimum is €250, monthly payments are based on maximum loan term of 72 months (6 years), early repayment is always possible and penalty-free, amounts and percentages are rounded off as well as indications only, and the applicable APR is 6%.


Please enter some details in the calculator below and find out how much you could borrow and how much your monthly payment will be.

Unfortunately, the bank has only made the calculator available in Dutch. If need be, just check out the translation of this calculator here.


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F4L-NL bv (t/a "Finance4Learning") is the exclusive intermediary of Santander Consumer Finance Benelux bv (“Santander”) for the learning & development market. Finance4Learning is registered with the Dutch Authority Financial Markets ("AFM"). Finance4Learning is acting under the auspices of Santander and intermediates in (consumer) credit which will be extended by Santander to the customer. Consequently, Finance4Learning solely acts as an intermediary. Credit is extended by and under the terms & conditions of Santander.


The loan calculator consists of two pages. On the first page, you’ll be asked to enter some details and on the second page, you’ll see the results

Calculator Enter Details Page

Dutch English
Let op! Geld lenen kost geld Attention! It costs money to borrow money
Kan ik mijn opleiding in max. 72 maanden betalen? Can I pay for my education in max. 7 months?
Gewenst aanvraagbedrag Required loan amount
Samenwonend | Ja / Nee Cohabitating | Yes / No
Inwonende kinderen | Ja / Nee Children living with you | Yes / No
Mijn woonsituatie Housing circumstances
Koopwoning Owned accommodation
Huurwoning Rented accommodation
Inwonend Living with e.g. parents
Netto maandinkomen Net monthly income
Bruto maandlast hypotheek/huur Gross monthly mortgage charges/rent
Maandelijkse kosten andere leningen en/of alimentatie Monthly expenses other loans and/or alimony
(Vul €0 in als u geen overige kosten heeft) (enter €0 if you have no other expenses)
Berekenen Calculate


Calculator Results Page

Dutch English
Gewenst aanvraagbedrag Required loan amount
Wat is maximaal mogelijk What is the maximum amount I could borrow
Kies gewenste looptijd in maanden Choose required duration in months
Wat ga ik per maand betalen: What will I pay per month:
Let op: Voor een aanvraag heeft u een
legitimatiebewijs, bankafschrift en loonstrook
nodig. Bankafschrift en loonstrook van dezelfde
maand en niet ouder dan 2 maanden.
Attention: For the application you’ll need a ID,
bank statement and payslip. Bank statement
and payslip should be of the same month and
not older that 2 months.
Rekenvoorbeeld Sample calculation
Contante waarde Present value
Termijnbedrag per maand Monthly installment
Totale kredietbedrag Total loan amount
Jaarlijks kostenpercentage Annual percentage rate
Debet rentevoet (vast) Interest (fixed)
Duur kredietovereenkomst Loan duration
Totaal te betalen bedrag Total amount payable
Opnieuw berekenen Recalculate
De uitkomst van de calculator geeft u een
indicatie van het te lenen bedrag. Aan dit
overzicht en de uitkomst kunt u geen rechten ontlenen.
The result of the calculator gives you an
indication of the amount to be borrowed. You
cannot derive any rights from this overview and
the outcome.