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Finance4Learning is proud to be a partner of the venerated 160 year old Banco Santander. Santander is headquartered in Spain and is the 12th largest bank in the world. More than 200,000 employees help achieve the banks mission: Helping people and businesses prosper. With more than €1.5 trillion total assets, Santander is about as big as ING, Danske Bank, KBC and Bank of Ireland combined. Finance4Learning has been chosen by Banco Santander as its exclusive territorial partner for the learning and development market.

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Partnering with financial services boutique Capitalize2Day makes perfect sense for Finance4Learning. For more than 90% of clients we manage to raise funds. This is achieved through a pretty unique bundling of financial and strategic skillsets. Through an extensive network of investors and financial institutions, we could assist you in raising equity and/or loans. Especially in the current prevailing economic circumstances, it would make sense you ensure you sufficient funds at your disposal.

It’s easy to make economics look difficult. It’s far more difficult to make it easy to understand. Crystal Clear Economics manages the latter. Complicated economic developments are discussed in an accessible manner by Han de Jong, the former Chief Economist of ABN AMRO Bank. At Finance4Learning we have found that Han’s profound insights and optimistic though realistic viewpoints are much appreciated by our target audiences.

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With a team of 25+ seasoned professionals, Kruger is the Netherlands largest independent corporate restructuring specialist. Since 1988, Kruger has built up an excellent reputation with its clients, special credit departments of banks and law firms: practical, integrity, no nonsense. A great many of its mid market clientele managed to weather sometimes perfect storms. Specialised in complex issues, e.g. in relation to continuity, corporate finance, (interim) management, M&A, restructuring and strategy.

Seeing is believing. Our partner ToucanToco is an incredible success story. From 4 to 85 staff in just five years whilst landing 100+ of the Fortune 500 companies. ToucanToco succeeds in selling business performance stories through interactive data and data storytelling. The target audiences typical consist of marketing, production, finance, HR and sales departments as well as top management of larger organisations. Not only does ToucanToco provide much better business insights, you significantly save costs too!

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