Why finance learning?

The world is changing rapidly. All of us need to constantly up-skill or re-skill to remain relevant. We all know that if we do invest in training, it does improve our chances on the labour market. And organisations are better off as well with well-trained staff. Investing in training thus makes eminent sense to all involved.


Following a future-proofing training programme is thus a long-term investment in yourself. But … nine out of 10 times a course needs to be paid up-front and we at Finance4Learning wonder why that is? We feel that you should be able to match a long-term investment in training with long-term finance.


For individuals who would like to future-proof their career but currently lack the financial wherewithal to pay for a course up-front, it might make perfect sense to borrow. Would you like to know more?


Considering to finance your training?

Does your training institute finance learning?

You would like to purchase a training programme but lack the funds to pay up-front. Your training provider may or may not offer financial options. Careful, lending to consumers is highly regulated, and there is a good chance that your training institute is not allowed to offer finance.  


If you have doubts about the legality of the offer the training institute is making or if you would like to explore your financial options, just contact us and we’ll see if we can help you out.


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