Is attracting, developing & holding on to talent a major issue?

Funny how that works, it’s only a few years ago that we were going through the Great Recession and that we had massive unemployment. Those days are definitely over. There is a major shortage of talent and attracting, developing and holding on to good people is a major issue. One way of dealing with this issue is through enabling employees to follow training programmes. As the world is changing rapidly. All of us need to constantly up-skill or re-skill to remain relevant. Organisations are better off with well-trained staff. Investing in training thus makes eminent sense.

Why finance learning?

Following a future-proofing training programme is thus a long-term investment in your staff and the organisation. Quite often, individuals employees pay for a course themselves only to get reimbursed upon successful completion of the course. But what if the employee can’t afford to advance the monies? In that case, you could consider working with Finance4Learning. We would lend the funds needed for the training and you would reimburse the monthly repayments to your employee. Why don’t you reach out to us so we may discuss the options available?


About Finance4Learning

We have more than 25 years experience in the learning & development space. Consequently, we really understand the requirements of our corporate clients, training institutes and trainees. As having access to and bandwidth to deal finance has been a recurring theme, we scoured the market in search of a solution - and found none. Finance4Learning therefore developed a bespoke solution in conjunction with Santander Consumer Finance Benelux bv. Feel free to contact us about our exclusive relationship with Santander



We have offices in Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen and Dublin and would only be too delighted to be in contact with you. Just reach out!