Effect change on the crossroads of marketing, finance & organisation 

We are deeply committed to the learning & development sector. For instance governmental restrictions due to COVID-19, accelerating digital transformation and sharply varying economic developments between the different sectors of the economy are all having a major impact on training institutes, colleges and universities. Dealing with all of these challenges sometimes requires support from external experts. We assist our clients with hands-on consulting in three areas.Finance4Learning | Hands-On Consulting | Crossroads of Marketing Finance and Organisation


Business Development

Stuck in a rut and need to really push marketing & sales to ensure you grow (again) and prosper? Need to develop new products, markets and/or learning methods and profitably implement them? Potentially looking for strategic cooperation with others in the market? Want to make sure your salesforce performs? For these and other issues it would make sense to work with us. We have a wealth of experience in business development and would gladly help you reach your business development objectives.


Corporate Restructuring

Inevitably, all organisations go through change. For instance the effect of COVID-19 might be such that significant action required. If so, it would be wise to obtain help from restructuring experts. Finance4Learning inter alia works with one of the largest independent restructuring specialists in the Benelux. Each year, hundreds of mid-market organisations are supported in sometimes extremely difficult circumstances. Partners we work with on restructuring projects typically come highly recommended by e.g. lawyers, M&A firms, special credit departments of banks and former clients. No nonsense, practical and lots of integrity.


Raising Finance

Especially in the current economic circumstances, raising funds with (private) investors or financial institutions might be crucial to your organisation. Having sufficient funds at your disposal might make the difference between being able to e.g. finance a restructuring, develop a new product / market or implement new technologies. Please do contact us in relation to e.g. raising equity or other types of finance.



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