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What is Digital Marketing? - A Beginner’s Guide


When you promote your brand, product, or services through one or more electronic channels to reach the target set of consumers, you are using digital marketing.

Digital marketing differs from traditional marketing because it involves channels and methods that enable a company to analyse its marketing campaigns and understand what is working and what isn’t – in real-time.

Digital marketing is a subset of "marketing," which involves communication on a mass scale with customers; to create awareness and need or desire for a product/service using digital media to communicate the product/service value.

Digital marketers mainly monitor things like what is being viewed online, how often and for how long it has been considered, sales conversions, what content attracted maximum traffic and qualified leads, what failed, etc. While the internet is the channel most closely associated with digital marketing, others include mobile instant messaging, mobile apps, podcasts, etc.


To understand what digital marketing methods and channels are, it becomes easier if we classify what it is not. Traditional marketing channels such as print, radio, TV, and billboards aren’t forms of digital marketing. These channels have been hugely successful over many decades now, but these aren’t as effective in today’s internet and analytical time. The traditional marketing channels suffer from 2 major limitations:

  1. One-way communication and no real-time feedback, as traditional marketing channels, aren’t conducive to dialogue between the marketer and the customer.
    The massive growth of the internet and social media in the last two decades proves that ‘real-time communication is key nowadays.

  2. Most traditional marketing channels suffer from the more critical aspect of creating an experience for users. When it comes to creating awareness at a large scale, generally speaking, we can’t totally ignore the traditional channels.

Digital Marketing is ever-growing, and popular forms include:

  • Social media
  • Email
  • Ecommerce
  • Digital PR
  • Mobile
  • Content (blogs & websites)
  • Search


We often hear about various other related terms such as Inbound Marketing, Online Marketing, E-marketing, Internet Marketing and Web Marketing, etc. These terms are linked to digital marketing, focusing on one particular channel or digital media.

Inbound Marketing is a newly coined term that uses internet-focused channels to attract users, educate them through rich content and resources, and finally help them decide on final sales through meetings and calls.  So, inbound marketing works on attracting, nurturing, and converting themes.

Internet Marketing, also known as Online Marketing and Web Marketing, refers to marketing that necessitates the use of an internet connection. It includes advertising, market research, promotional campaign, etc., run by organisations.

E-marketing is broader in scope than internet marketing. It includes interaction with existing customers in a company. So e-marketing also includes electronic customer relationship management systems (E-CRMS) and internet marketing.


Marketing is changing fast and trying to accommodate the swift changes caused by the latest technological developments. With fast-growing worldwide digital access and well-connected customer segments over the internet, the need for a comprehensive digital strategy and digitally savvy people across the departments of businesses has become essential and is no longer a matter of choice.

This is an introductory guide to give you an overview of digital marketing. The article has covered the introduction of essential elements of digital marketing, the changing marketing landscape, and its opportunity window.

Final words

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