What Everyone Ought To Know About Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to proactively communicate to your database of clients, past clients, prospects and referral sources. And because it is so cost-effective and easy to use, email marketing campaigns have been flooding everyone's inboxes.

When sending out mass email marketing campaigns, you need to know that it is easy for someone to delete your email and ignore it. 87% of the people who receive an email are not opening it. It is easy for people who use generic email services to click on their "spam" button.

7 tips to maximise the open rate for your email marketing campaigns

  1. Focus On Writing A Compelling Subject Line

    Your subject line is your campaign's headline. A great headline represents 80% of a campaign's success. Use emotionally driven headlines like: "5 Sure-Fire Ways To Succeed in Your Career" or "7 Must-Have Apps For Tech Students".

  2. Control Your Subject Line's Length

    Excessively long subject lines can distract a reader from opening your email. But more importantly, you need to be aware of how your email comes across on a smartphone because most smartphones will only display about 27 characters. So ensure that the most exciting part of your message is visible first.

  3. Make Your Message Reader-Friendly

    Make sure you write your messages in short sentences and paragraphs and add short and flashy headlines to introduce new paragraphs. Also, use bullets/numbers to make it easier for people to read.

  4. Study Good Copywriting Techniques

    Clear marketing messages will motivate people to take action and, more importantly, get people to want to read your email campaigns.

  5. Check Your Spelling And Grammar Before Sending the e-mail

    Although most people strive for writing perfection, mistakes do happen. To help ensure that your campaign is close to perfect, cut and paste your final copy into a Microsoft Word document or special programmes, and run your spelling and grammar checks. The results will surprise you.

  6. Avoid Spam Words In Your Subject Line

    Most e-mail servers use spam detection software to filter automatically and block emails сontaining certain words and symbols in their subject line, words like free, stock, eBay, password, mortgage, etc.

  7. Don't Use An Exclamation Point In Your Subject Line

    It is good not to use an exclamation point at the end of your subject lines. Google bans all types of punctuation from its AdWords ads.


60% of your open rate success is directly related to whom the email is coming from and the subject line used. As a keen reminder, do not be misleading in your subject line. Furthermore, concentrate on sending your target audience relevant information that can be easily read, and don't forget a CTA by including a risk-free invitational offer.