Six P's in Leadership

Principles, Priorities, Processes, Payroll, People, and Profits are all part of your daily headache. The most significant paradigm shift is putting the P’s properly. In challenging times, you might focus on payroll and profits first; but putting people first truly does take care of the rest.

Get your P’s in the correct sequence

  1. People are the foundation of any organization. Putting them first is wise.

  2. Principles are critical. Mission and Guiding Values must be solely focused on people. Employees, suppliers, and customers are the only reasons you exist as a business. And principles cannot be just words handed out on employee orientation day in a 20-word mission statement or cut and pasted on page two of your employee handbook.

  3. Priorities must be a mix of both people and principles. If there is a suitable organizational climate where risk and work are appreciated equally, the employees will not hesitate to help with ideas that path the business to increased opportunity.

  4. Processes are derived from priorities. If the priorities are clear, the processes are definable, trend-able, measurable, attainable, and trainable. They become team-driven and more easily team implemented.

  5. Payroll is the reward for good people. Pay your employees for what they do and have them on the same page when assessing performance. Have a competitive and straightforward pay plan, and be prepared to explain it at any time.

  6. Profits are integral to leadership and team success. Employees will grow at the same rate as profits. Customers will become referrals.


    Put people first and profits last. The profits will come if you focus on your people every single day. Just keep in mind that everything starts with people.