6 Avenues for Team Motivation

Team motivation is never a simple task. Many ingredients move teams and organisations in the right direction. Here in the Netherlands, the focus always has to be on the employee. An engaged workforce contributes more, stays loyal, and is more involved in day-to-day activities.

Optimism is vital to overall success. It drives the culture and the climate; together, these essential factors make or break opportunity and success. Productivity and morale go hand-in-hand as well.

An upbeat leadership team can grow the business through the following 6 avenues:

  1. Know the employee’s wants and needs

  2. Assess and respond to stresses and challenges

  3. Create team-building through employee lunches or special events

  4. Be constantly engaged in both purpose and intent

  5. Celebrate both reasonable effort and achievement

  6. Define strengths and weaknesses and key areas to improve and grow with the team's help and support

Increasing motivation within every employee involves a combination of engagement and recognition. Adjustments to both of these variables help define direction and potential. Even in larger companies, managers who walk around the organisation supporting and serving drive morale in positive directions. Through interpersonal communication, problems and challenges are quickly identified, making opportunities to complete both goals and objectives more effective and efficient.

Mistakes and errors happen in every business. How these situations are handled creates a continuous environment for motivation and an involved culture. By unleashing the potential of every worker to be creative and take risks, leadership involves and engages the collective talent in the best way possible.

Leaders need to master the art of better understanding what motivates their personnel and what builds that ever-elusive commitment to the company. Everyone wins and moves forward in team-building and success by winning friends and influencing people.

Final words

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